My Halloween interrobang

When it was determined that I would be in America for Halloween this year, I began to think about what I would dress up as.

Living in (or rather, being from) a rural mountain community means that costumes must take the chilled autumn weather and potential for snow into account. But I didn’t really fancy being an Eskimo, nor did I fancy being cold.

Tossing ideas back-and-forth with a friend brought about the perfect idea (shouted out by her, and excitedly accepted by me!) based on a conversation we had when eating fundue. (She’s super clever, so I’m not surprised that she had the answer.)

I literally ran from her house back to my parents’ place (it’s only a block) and excitedly told them what I was going to be. Then I chatted with Dad about different ways to create the costume. We talked about wire frames, newspaper, and a few other bits and bobs, but we settled on the basics: Cardboard, tape, and paint.

Yes, you can’t go wrong with cardboard, tape, and paint!

So this year, I am dressing up as an interrobang for Halloween. Oh yes, I am!

And if you want to make your own for next year (or just for fun!) here’s how I did it – all with bits found around the house so nothing was purchased specifically for my costume.

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