Preparing for together

Last year, I shared with you how I was preparing for a Christmas at home alone. I was home alone by choice, but it was still a very difficult time for me. But I guess I needed to sulk last year.

This year, however, I am not going to be alone for Christmas. In part because I feel the need and the desire to be with others and in part because I don’t think that my sister-in-law would tolerate me opting to stay home and sulk again.

So, I’ve happily accepted an invitation to spend Christmas with some of my amazing in-laws down in England. And that means I have to prepare for a few days away from home – but it also means that I have to do the normal Christmas preparation stuff.

I’m sure I should have started some of the preparations a few days ago – or at least on Saturday – but I was too busy enjoying life and didn’t get around to it.

This means that yesterday was spent making a couple of batches of truffles, shopping for Christmas presents, and packing my bags for today’s train journey south. It also meant waking up a bit early today so that I could put truffles into a nice presentation tin and secure them in a bag for the train ride.

I am really looking forward to spending the next few days with my family and I’m sure that, if nothing else, it will be better than last year’s Christmas. In fact, last year aside, it will just be better because I will be spending the holiday with family. And that really is a wonderful way to spend Christmas!

I don’t know if you’ll hear from me between now and next weekend, but if I get a chance to say hello I will. If I don’t, just know it’s because I’m enjoying life.

Merry Christmas to one and all!

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