Random April (2024)

This gallery is part of my monthly “photo dump” collection. Posts under the photo dump tag are a collection of random photographs that do not otherwise have a “home” as part of another story here on Just Frances. They are here for your enjoyment, for my own memories, and so that they are available to illustrate future posts as relevant.

2 Replies to “Random April (2024)”

  1. Love the flowers from your garden. Is the red a rhody? Very pretty. And I do love the heath/heather, I never know which is which.

    1. Yes, that’s a rhododendron. The other is a heath, although there is also a white heather (and a random bush in between the two). All of these plants will be moved elsewhere in the garden or be given away/composted depending on their health.

      I’ll send you a Whatsapp this weekend with full garden photos so that you can see the progress from now (“before”) to my final designs.

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