Relearning the art of childhood

A while back I picked up a piece of bond paper and a box of crayons to illustrate a silly little image to go along with my goals posting. A few days after that I grabbed a couple more sheets of paper from the printer then borrowed my foster daughter’s coloured pencils to illustrate each goal. By the time I was done I realised how much I missed drawing and colouring – even though I’m not the artist I imagine I am.

That enjoyment led me to purchase some nice drawing paper and a set of 72 coloured pencils and a little carrying case for all of my new art supplies. Since then, I’ve found a lot of pleasure in sitting on the couch drawing and colouring. And in recent days, I’ve been drawing and colouring even more thanks to the way-fun silliness course I’m participating in.

All of this has made me realise that I really like to be artistic and has made me start to think about all the other forms of artsy stuff I used to do as a child. This brings me to the point of the post: Today I purchased an inexpensive set of watercolour paints and a cheap little box of modelling clay. My first attempt at a watercolour painting is really quite rubbish, but I enjoyed re-learning how to use the paints and am excited to do some more.

With a bit more practice, I’ll be ready to go out and paint the amazing sunsets on the Palouse. In fairness, you might not be able to identify the painting as a sunset when I’m done, but as long as I’m enjoying my childish fun, it doesn’t matter what the result looks like.

So I’m still feeling a bit down, but at least I can multitask by being miserable and happy at the same time.

Yay for painting!

5 Replies to “Relearning the art of childhood”

  1. All the drawing and coloring you have been doing lately reminds me of your Grandmother. We used to give her coloring books and crayons every Christmas. She also drew and colored beautiful scenes free-hand. And, we must never forget her wonderful cakes! Keep up the good work. But more than anything…ENJOY!!

    1. Grandma did make the best cakes! I used to wish I had her talent for making frosting roses, but decided I never will so instead am honing my talent for eating frosting roses. (But my cakes taste as fantastic (almost) as Grandma’s so I don’t mind that they aren’t as great looking.)

  2. The Silliness course is great isn’t it? I’m having fun getting back in touch with my inner child (although many would say I never lost touch!).
    It’s also great doing stuff without having to feel the need to be good at it. Just for fun!
    Keep it up, Frances. I love your drawings. They’re much better than you think they are. I particularly love my Silly that you drew for me

    1. It really is a great course! It’s making me think a bit differently about how I approach a crafty project.
      I’m glad you like the drawings! I am enjoying them so much and keep thinking of more things to do. My foster daughter really likes to draw, too, so we’re talking about going out to draw some of the nature and stuff around town. Yay!

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