Retail therapy

I’ve been feeling very sad and lonely the last few days so when my neighbour called to see if I wanted to drive into the city today to cheer me up, I was more than happy for the distraction. What I didn’t realise was that I would actually have a successful shopping day, which was an added cheer for the day! I know that Paul would be very pleased that I bought new clothes – and I even think that he’d have approved of some of them!

My retail therapy actually began yesterday when I purchased a new phone to replace the one I broke whilst on holiday in March. Everyone who knows me likely knows that a cool new gadget is almost guaranteed to bring a smile to my face – which is exactly what my new HTC Tilt2 has done. (Windows Mobile 6.5, if you wondered.)

When we took off for Spokane today, I don’t think that either of us actually planned to buy anything. I think we figured we’d check out a shop or two for plants or garden supplies, maybe grab some lunch, then head home. We got to the Northtown Mall and on our way in noticed a good sale and I was gently prodded to look at the summer dresses – so I did. And I found two that I really liked. And they were on sale. So I bought them.

At the next store, it was my neighbour who had the shopping success having found two great pairs of jeans (one of which was just $5!) and a new necklace. (I found a little over-shirt to wear with my pyjamas and a small pair of silver earrings.)

On the way back to the car, we stumbled upon a new store in the mall that sells fantastic business-appropriate clothes and we decided that, as we were pretty much shopped out at that point, that we’d come up some other time to find some nice suits. But I managed to find a pair of denim capris and an amazingly ugly jacket before we left.

With one more store ahead of us, we stopped in for nachos and margaritas for a re-charge session and to rest up a bit. Then we headed across the road to the golf store where I found a couple of pairs of shoes I like (but I didn’t have the right socks for trying on shoes). I also managed to buy a new pair of golf shorts – they are purple and green plaid and are truly ugly. But I’ve decided that I am going to create a golf look for myself of plaid bottoms and solid-coloured tops. I know that I should spend more time working on my swing than looking for ugly clothes, but the swing is never going to improve, so that’s OK.

I really did enjoy the distraction of the day, and while it won’t fix the fact that I’ve come home to an empty house, it did mean that I didn’t sit around the house feeling sad all day. And now that I have all these nice summer clothes, I’m going to have to find excuses to leave the house every-so-often to show them off. I just wish that Paul was here to enjoy the benefit of having a gorgeous, well-dressed, sexy woman on his arm. (Yes, that’s meant to be describing me. I’ve taken a bit of creative license on that one, I know!)

3 Replies to “Retail therapy”

  1. I’m getting better at shopping, but have to say I don’t know how fashionable some of the stuff is. I do know that Paul would have tried to talk me out of the floral jacket – and probably the plaid golf shorts. I know he’d have liked the dresses though.
    Paul always wanted me to treat myself to nice stuff, which I could never be bothered to do, so in a weird way, I enjoy shopping a bit now because I know it would make him happy.
    It’s a good thing that there are four bedrooms in this place because at this rate I’m going to need all the closet space I can get 😉

  2. Retail therapy – the cure for all ills! Great haul (again!) – I thought you said you weren’t a good shopper. Looks to me like you’ve got it cracked, missy.

  3. lovely Frances. You are a brave and couragoous women. I enjoy your writing. I have been feeling a lot of sadness lately too. I think connecting with women like you is reviving my spirits though!

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