My dad is going bats. BATS, I tell you! And he starts today. Yes, folks, my father will spend the next few weeks accomplishing his goal to “Bike Around The State”. (BATS, get it now?)

Without a doubt, my 65-year-old father is a man of true inspiration. After breaking his neck whilst riding his bike two summers ago, he was determined to get right back in the saddle. However, he’s since given up on his traditional road bike in favour of a recumbent, which is better for his neck and back.

With more flashy-reflective-shiny things than an Amish buggy, Dad and his slow-moving vehicle will make their way around the state’s outer highways and rural roads. He will start by heading over Satus Pass to the Columbia River Gorge; living in the centre of the state means that he needs to work a bit to get to the edge. But he’s been training and I’m confident that he’s going to succeed. I’m also not throwing out the idea that he might go all Forrest Gump on us and just keep going once he hits that initial goal.

Dad started a blog, Retrocycler, a while back to share his journey with family and friends. He will be updating from the road with pictures and anecdotes, so be sure to check it out.

People ask where I get my stubbornness and determination from. I wonder if they figure it out upon meeting Dad. I just hope that one day, I am as determined as he is. (I’m already as stubborn as he is.)

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