I’m a bit late in taking Schrodie to the vet’s office for her yearly check-up (she should have gone in March) but she’s finally been. I must admit, however, that she only made it when she did after I noticed she was missing a patch of fur from the top of her head the other day.

I pulled out her travel box this morning and placed an old (but clean) towel in the bottom. All the while the cat just sat there watching me. As I scooped her up I noticed she wasn’t hesitating and thought: “This’ll be easy!”, even though she did resist slightly when I placed her into the box. Once I put the box in the car, however, her slight meows turned to howls of anger and hatred. And my slight giggles turned to tears at the thought of causing the poor creature stress. For 30 miles I listened to the cat cry out in terror…

At the end of the day, I went to retrieve Schrodie and we made the long drive back home – again with her in the back seat of the car howling. Once we got home, she bolted from her travel box and ran from me. Yep, she’s a bit mad!

The reasons for the bald patch on her fur is still unknown. The vet took a sample to run a culture to check for ringworm, but she’s not convinced that is the cause. Instead, she guesses that an owl or hawk swooped in to grab a kitty treat, or that she got caught out by a fence or something. It’s been suggested that I keep her in overnight, as that’s when most predatory creatures are out looking for food.

Also worrying to me is that she had a bit of a heart murmur. The vet thinks that it could just be from the stress of the car ride and isn’t concerned about heart disease at this time. Although if I’m honest, this freaks me out more than the thought of some avian creature having her for lunch!

Anyhow, I’m sure that Schrodie will start to love me again in a couple of days. But goodness only knows how long she’ll hate me if I ever move and put her through the torment of immigrating to the UK as a pet. I think she’ll disown me the moment the plane lands!

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