Selling swords

I’ve sold all of Paul’s old swords – finally. I’d gone through them with a co-worker back in February but hadn’t gotten around to doing much more. I think I was worried that it would be a long and drawn-out process, and I wasn’t looking forward to it. Especially when I figured I’d get less than $300 for the lot!

Anyhow, on Friday afternoon I was talking to that same co-worker who told me that she’d been to Clarkston the week before and noticed a sign for a pawn shop specialising in swords and knives. So I did a quick search and found a phone number for the shop – Sid’s Pawn. I called Sid and told him my situation. Then I sent my folks a quick email to see if they’d be heading my way in the next couple of weeks. And less than ten minutes later Dad responded that they could come out that day – a four hours’ drive at the start of Mother’s Day weekend.

All of a sudden I was excited because it seemed like I might actually be able to sell the swords and had even started to believe in my mind that I might just be able to get my “hoped for” amount of $300. Of course, I was also trying to be realistic and tried to convince myself that I’d happily take an offer of less than that. But I knew I’d be super-happy with an offer of $400.

Anyhow, less than 24 hours after I got the tip I found myself walking into a pawn shop with a stack of swords and walking out with $500!! That was even after taking the most valuable swords out of the collection for my co-worker and Dad, giving a couple to my cousin, and keeping a small one for me. (No clue why or what I’ll do with it, but I felt the need to keep one.)

I’m happy because I didn’t really expect to be able to sell them – let alone for as much as I did. I’m happy because that extra money will help my finances as I prepare to move my entire life 6,000 miles away. And I’m happy because I know that Paul would be pleased that I’m moving forward with this new future – despite it not being the life I’d signed up for!

Of course, I’m sad because it’s another realisation that my world is changing in ways that I never dreamt of. I’m sad because parting with Paul’s belongings – even ones without sentimental value – is a reminder that he will never come back to yell at me for getting rid of his stuff. And I’m sad because, eventually, I’m going to have to sort through the sentimental stuff.

Oh, but more happy stuff is that I am now thinking I may get a Kindle. I mean, I got $200 more than I ever dreamt I would for the swords, so why not? I’m not 100% certain that I’ll get one, but I might. Maybe? Stay tuned to find out if I’ve allowed myself the splurge!

4 Replies to “Selling swords”

    1. My biggest dilemma is that I am a gadget girl, but that I’m also a book girl. On one hand, it would be awesome to have a new gadget but on the other hand, I like the feel of books.
      It’s funny because I know that, by now, Paul would have gotten me a Kindle for Christmas or a birthday gift. And not the cheap $114 one I’m thinking of but the ‘best’ one for $189. But I need more time to mull it over…

  1. My mum swears by (rather than at) her Kindle. Seems like a good gadget to have – good reading format, lightweight, nice user interface. hmm, think I still prefer books but I might be tempted if someone bought one for me, particularly if I did a lot of commuting and wanted to read without the extra weight of a book or two…
    Well done on the swords – what a result!

    1. Well, I’ve decided I’ll get one. I just need to decide which one! This is where my ‘gadget geek’ and ‘cheap chick’ personalities collide!

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