SUBS syndrome

I would like to introduce myself as one who suffers from SUBS syndrome. Well, I guess I don’t really suffer from it, but the people around me sure suffer from my affliction at times.

SUBS is a condition first named with the help of my friend more than a decade ago. We’ve had it all our lives; we just never knew what it was. Though our findings are not published, and would likely never be recognised by any professional journals, many people have been self-diagnosed since our first announcement of the condition.

But just what is SUBS?

SUBS: Sudden Uncontrollable Bursts of Sarcasm

SUBS is a generally genetic condition but is often highly contagious. Those who are not affected are oftentimes left stunned, as they have no clue what is being said around them, nor do they understand the reason for laughter. At times, they may feel as if they are being teased or picked on by SUBS carriers, though that is rarely the case.

At present, there is no known cure for SUBS. Some people can control their outbreaks when the situation calls for it; some can go into remission for hours or even days at a time. But SUBS is one of those things that are simply ingrained in the inter-workings of the mind.

I am a member of the SUBS community with a genetic disposition to the condition. The genetic line runs heavily through my family on both my maternal and paternal sides. As with most cases, SUBS affects every member of my family. Even my young nieces and nephews are showing signs of the condition. There is no getting through a conversation without someone’s SUBS showing through.

Thankfully, most of the people I know suffer from SUBS, as well. In fact, SUBS is how I met Paul while I was living in Scotland. Him being British and all, he never expected that he would meet an American who could understand sarcasm and wit. If only he knew what he was getting himself into!

I am not ashamed of my condition. No, in fact, I am very proud of it. I get the jokes. I get the puns, and I totally get British sitcoms (well, almost). I love a funny little one-line zinger. Even more so when most people around don’t understand what was said.

Don’t be ashamed if you, too, are afflicted with SUBS. Share the laughter! Share the joy! Maybe your little bit of sarcasm will infect someone else. Oh, what a happy day it will be when the whole world is dripping with satire, repartee, and irony!

6 Replies to “SUBS syndrome”

  1. I “so” didnt know! 😎
    And to think Ive been making excuses for my comments made when all along I was affected by this famliy DNA situation… “SUBS”
    I must say that there are people who just can not deal with this affliction and will forever have the prune face reaction and foggy eyed stare!

    1. Worse, I think that the Eberle family strain of SUBS is one of the strongest. It may even be the base DNA. But aren’t we a fun bunch when we all get together?

  2. I don’t know what is funnier – realizing that I too suffer from SUBS and with the same genetic disposition… or the ads following the blog post start with “Bipolar Disorder/Syndrome” and another Syndrome that I had to look up but is ‘characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction’…
    ahhhh SUBS, they’re everywhere, you just have to look!!

    1. I think that my OCD tendencies and intolerance of stupid people cause me difficulty in social interactions, too!
      Seriously, how do I survive in this world?

  3. I has SUBS! Heehee! So does me mum, and me brother, and me Aunt Franes… Wait a second!!!!!! Haha 🙂

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