Temporarily yours

Hello and welcome to this amazingly awesome Just Frances temporary blog.

If you’re a regular Just Frances reader, you may have noticed that I’ve not posted since the first week of October. Further, you may have noticed that I took down the site’s content in mid-October, leaving you with nothing more than a placeholder page.

At the time, I had thought I’d be back up and running before the end of October, but life gets in the way sometimes so that just hasn’t happened. And I’m not really sure when the site will be back online, so I’ve decided to create a wee stop-gap blog to get me through because I actually find life more enjoyable when I have an audience to write for – even though I don’t know who my audience is, or even if there is an audience!

Because this is only a temporary blog, I will not be spending much (any?) time trying to make it look pretty. I have pulled in all of the text content (including comments) from my main blog, but I am not going to pull over the images. Further, I am not going to update links and such which means that (for posts made before November 2012) any links to my own materials will not actually link through (sorry about that).

But, something is better than nothing. Right? And to that, here’s something.

Normal service will return soon(ish).

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