The Christmas star

I decided to get a bit crafty this Christmas but wanted to attempt projects using only supplies I had on hand. So, I dug through the boxes of crafty bits a friend gave me a while back then I took to Pinterest to see if I could find some pinspiration.

There were a couple of small crafts and ideas that I quite liked that would allow me to use up old Christmas cards, and there were a few others that would allow me to use up some of my craft supplies.

Yesterday’s craft project saw me taking inspiration from several different pins for paper Christmas stars, using up some of the patterned craft paper in the boxes. Frustratingly, none of the step-by-step guides I found through Pinterest truly explained how to put the star together once the six points were created, so I had to get creative and figure out my own solution.

And in case others have had similar frustrations, I’ve done up my own set of instructions for you below. It was a very easy project (once I figured out how to put it together) and it’s made me quite happy to look at.

Please note that I’m a left-hander so the pictures may look a bit strange to you. You’ll get used to it. I mean, I’ve managed to get this far by following right-handed instructions!

2 Replies to “The Christmas star”

  1. Turned out great! I pinned a few too but like everything else I pin, I’ll probably never get around to it.

    1. I try to only pin things that I really want to make – otherwise I’d have an electronic pin board that’s as cluttered as my virtual one. And once you have a cluttered pin board, you can’t find anything!!

      A couple of your pins are of interest to me, so I’ll have to start working on some of those. But I don’t have all of the supplies and I don’t really feel like buying anything new just now. Which means I have to use up what I have on hand!

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