A little bit of soul

When my friend first invited me to join her for the Edinburgh’s Got Soul concert at The Queen’s Hall, I really only agreed because it was a great excuse to see my friend and because my late husband always said you should never turn down an opportunity to see a live music performance. And now, having been, I will excitedly go along in the future simply because the evening (music and all!) completely rejuvenated my soul!

I’ve been back in my beloved Edinburgh for a month now and this is the first time I’ve gone out to do something. You know, other than meeting with friends for dinner or Doctor Who. And in doing something, I was reminded of how amazing this city is. I was reminded about all of the great things there are to do and see. Now I just need to remember to go do and see things so that my soul doesn’t begin to wane again.

But let’s talk about the choir!

EGS is a registered charity operated by volunteers. It’s an amateur choir working to bring together communities, and anyone can join, regardless of skill. You could say that this is a reason to stay far, far away, but what I found was that the choir’s participants were so filled with passion and excitement that it came through in the music.

I mean, we all love to sing – even if we’re rubbish at it – and this group gives people the chance to do just that. And they do it whilst raising money for other charities. Yes, this charity works to help other charities. How cool is that?! Anyhow, I don’t generally give shout-outs for things like this (in part because I don’t do things like this often enough!) but I am so excited about this group that I have to recommend them to everyone.

Oh! And I’m mulling the idea of going along for the next workshop. It begins in February and they’ll take anybody. Yes, I know I’m a horrible singer, but I’m anybody and it might be fun. And who knows! Maybe it will help me go from rubbish to just-this-side of tolerable!

4 Replies to “A little bit of soul”

  1. Hi Frances

    A soulful hello and mega thank you for your shout out. I’m so so glad that coming to our gig “rejuvenated your soul”. That is exactly what it is meant to do. I’m delighted you are mulling over joining the fun….Doors and arms wide open!!

    I wish you all the best with your PhD.


    1. It was my pleasure! You and your group really did inspire me and I hope others will have the opportunity to hear you perform. What a great think for the choir members and the community as a whole.

  2. Thanks again Frances for coming along to see me and my soulsiblings sing. What a lovely piece you’ve written. Be great to see you join (sopranos!!!) next term. Now let’s see what we can do about getting Eleanor’s husband a season ticket through from Glasgow every Tuesday!

    1. I don’t know about soprano, but I’m definitely hoping to come and try out in February. And if my voice is deemed to horrible for the group, maybe I can help in some other way. (And yes, wouldn’t it be great to get E’s hubby to join the fun!?)

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