Experi-MINT-ing with truffles

With Christmas just around the corner, I decided I’d do a bit of experi-mint-ing with my truffle recipe to use up some broken candy canes I had. Only I can’t decide if my experiment has been a success or not.

You see, I had planned to dip them all in white chocolate but, just like last year, the white chocolate clumped up and kind of burned before I could use it all. It’s not a problem I’ve ever had State-side, so I have to wonder if it’s the difference in products. (Must investigate some more!)

Then, when I switched to milk chocolate for dipping, I didn’t have anything to temper the chocolate with. And that means that the outer chocolate coating isn’t as firm as I’d like, which means if you hold one in your fingers too long, it will melt. (But if you gobble it up quickly, you’ll be OK!)

But I think that the crushed candy cane on top works nicely. Or at least it looks pretty.

I opted to not put candy canes on all of them until my official taste testers get back to me with their reviews.

Anyhow, if you want to try your own truffle experiments, you can find my original recipe here. I swapped out peppermint extract for the almond for these and I must say the flavour is wonderful!

I’ll be making a couple more batches of truffles next week before I head to my sister-in-law’s house for Christmas, and if my taste testers give me the go-ahead, I’ll be adding these to the line-up!

(If you do any experimenting of your own, I’d love to hear what you’ve changed from the original recipe and if it worked out for you or not!)

2 Replies to “Experi-MINT-ing with truffles”

    1. The peppermint really was nice. Though I think I’d skip the candy cane on top next time. It doesn’t keep well in the fridge with the candy.

      I hope you enjoy making them!

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