The Doctor is in

Today is the long-awaited Doctor Who Marathon with my 14-year-old nephew, Parker; 13-year-old niece, Cassandra; and Parker’s best friend, Hattie.

We are kicking back eating loads and loads of junk food whilst watching The Doctor save the world over and over again. He’s kinda cool like that.

You can give credit to Parker for the party, as he’s recruited as many Doctor Who fans as he could since I first introduced him to the greatness of the BBC sci-fi series about three years ago.

I’m looking forward to returning home to Scotland where everyone I know are Who Fans, but for now, I’m enjoying my newly-recruited Who Fans. Oh yes, Anglophiles in the making!!

Two full days of American life and three sleeps in the homeland, then I head to the airport. Yay! (But I’ll miss hanging out with my nieces and their friends when I leave!)

[That’s a picture of a TARDIS flannel (wash cloth) that a friend insisted I buy as a souvenir when we went to the Doctor Who exhibit a couple of years ago. It’s sat unused until tonight, and now belongs to a very happy Parker!]

2 Replies to “The Doctor is in”

  1. I like that flannel, and DW. Of course, the episode after ‘The Next Doctor’ epi is not on Netflix instant queue or however it’s seplled. 🙂 But I do know that Captain Jack is more of a mystery than the Doctor himself… hmm

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