The reward system

I decided a while ago that I would start rewarding myself for various milestones along my PhD adventure. In part because treats make things a bit more special, and in part because I would never treat myself to something otherwise.

Of course, I also know that I will rarely go out specifically to find a treat for myself. So I decided that I’d pre-shop. By this, I mean that when I’m out and about and see something I like, I will promise myself that I’ll return to the shop once I’ve reached whatever goal the reward is for.

Anyhow, today I picked up my latest reward: A pair of lovely onyx earrings from a shop on Edinburgh’s Rose Street. I’ve really been looking forward to them for a few weeks now and was so pleased to be able to pick them up this afternoon. (And for only £13.49 after my 10% student discount! Yes, I know that is pretty lame for a reward, but I’m cheap.)

The reward, if you wondered, was for two milestones: (1) the acceptance of my research proposal, signalling the go-ahead for the continuation of my literature review and (2) the success of my first full-on presentation as a PhD student.

I know it’s not much, but it’s a little something special for me.

I’ve got a few other little rewards in mind for the next few months, then when I complete my big one-year review I might splurge on a really nice reward.

Silly things, but silly things keep me going.

I’m really excited about wearing my pretty new earrings now. I think they’ll make me smile when I put them on because they’ll remind me of my successes in life. Yay!

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