The root of all evil

Last Wednesday I started to feel a bit of a twinge in a lower tooth. I didn’t think much of it and thought it would be gone by the next day. But it was a bit worse instead. Knowing that I had big work events coming up, I told myself to suffer through. But my tooth didn’t agree and by Friday evening I was well and truly in pain. So much so that I opened my one-and-only dose of “emergency” acetaminophen. (Guiltily, I also had two glasses of cheap-and-cheerful wine with my sister and a friend.)

By Saturday morning I was in so much pain that I called to make an appointment with the dentist then drove to town to buy some extra-strength Tylenol and a tube of topical anaesthetic. Even with the chemical assistance, I was in severe pain throughout the day.

Sunday and Monday were a bit better – likely because I had a bit of a toxin build-up from all the Tylenol on Saturday. I spoke with my dentist on Monday who prescribed an antibiotic, but I declined the offer for him to call in a prescription of Vicodin, feeling that I could maintain with the Tylenol until my appointment the next day.

Well, today was appointment day – nearly a week after the initial pain. Not surprisingly, I need a root canal. This is apparently a three-step process starting with a bit of drilling and cleaning today after which the dentist packed the tooth with more antibiotics then put in a temporary filling. Next up is a root canal, which may take 3-4 months (really!) to schedule, then I’ll be fitted for a crown.

I accepted the offer for Vicodin after today’s appointment with the hope of getting a decent night’s sleep for a change. As someone who generally steers clear of medications, preferring to treat my ailments with a general “healthy living” stance, I have to laugh that I’ve gone from having one stash of “emergency” pain killers in my house to having several of those evil chemicals in my handbag! I hope to be pain (and drug) free soon though because I never can remember to take those damn pills!!

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