The way of the monks

Another day, another ramble through the local environs. This time it was a 6K walk along the Monks’ Walk in the Pentland Hills near where I’m living on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

The day started out rather bright and sunny(ish) but as we neared the top of the hills it became wet and rainy – with a little bit of sleet for good measure. Unfortunately, that meant that I was very cold for the second half of the walk, but it was well worth it.

[Note to self: Invest in better hill walking gear if you’re going to be walking in hills!]

In addition to the poor weather at the top, there was also a wee point of interest in what is known as the Font Stane. However, a wee look around the Interweb shows that most people believe that rather than being an ancient font, it was actually the base of a cross.

I’m not going to bore you with lots of text because I know that you’re likely more interested in the photos. But if you want to see the walking guide we followed, here’s a wee Google Books preview for you to enjoy. And if for some reason it doesn’t take you to the correct page, you’re looking for Walk 18: The Monks’ Road. (Or if you’d like to buy the entire guide to Pentland Hills walks, you can find it here.)

Now, onto the photos!

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  1. How very funny about the skeleton photo. I was so excited to see what it was and then I read the caption-yes, I liked it very much! You know I have a collection of shoulder blades right? I could not determine from the photo what the animal was. It seemed as tho many of the bones were fused. Some kind of bird or fish?

    A few of the other photos reminded me of the day the boys and I drove up Steptoe Butte, after a visit with you in Garfield. It was cold, snowy, and the fields could be seen for miles. Of course we did see any sheep grazing on the hillsides.

    Fun times. You are so lucky to have that history to explore.

    1. When I saw the skeleton, I thought of your collection. If I didn’t have to worry about international customs and such, I’d have brought it home for you!

      I’m not sure what it is. A winged creature most likely. I thought maybe a bat, but I don’t really know. I’ll have to see if someone I know might be able to identify it for us!

      1. Well, we are not so different. I was also interested in the wool (fyi-I bought a spinning wheel this past summer along with several boxes of wool and I was planning to teach myself spinning as a winter diversion! Trouble is, we haven’t really started winter yet! Weather has been quite nice for this time of year. But I digress…). I was just a bit more interested in the bones. I am always interested in bits of dead creatures. Not sure why. Perhaps growing up with 5 brothers? (Remember the cat skeleton? And what about Old Mephitic?! And I also love rocks. Bugs the heck out of Chris as I collect every year in WY but leave them at his house.

        Anyhoo, sounds like you are having some wonderful wanderings. I had a nice one today along the waterfront and around the lake, after a kick-ass workout at the Y! My life saver.

        1. I’ve noticed a few people using hand drop spindles over the years. Seems to take a very long time to produce anything, but it would be kind of cool to say that you made something from start to finish. I hope you manage to get your spindle used. Though it sounds like that would also mean the weather’s gone miserable, so maybe not…

          I’m really going to try to get out and wander a bit more this year. One of my hopes is that I can get a car so that I can see some of the more out-of-the way places. So, look forward to more photos! (Bones and all!)

          1. Yeah, I’ve noticed the similarities over the years…but when I pick up a rock it makes it all the way home with me. Some are in a “flower” bed in front of the house and the smaller ones are either on a table top or in a large snifter. I’ll need to find new homes for some of then when/if we move. I’d love to get a rock from the old Eberle homestead and even one from the Tretter farm.

            I hope you get to use your spinning wheel soon…use it even without bad weather!

            And good luck to you, Frances, with getting a small car. It would make things so much easier for you. And now I think I’ll go stick my hands in the pellets to warm them up a bit.

  2. Ah, the differences in sisters. I was more interested in those rocks and the sheep “fur”. I still have the bit of fleece I picked up when we visited Housesteads.

    All in all, it appears that you had a good day out on the hills with Adrian. Enjoy your trip to the library tomorrow.

    1. There were loads of little piles of the stuff on the walk. I suppose if I was interested in spinning wool, I could have collected it. But I’m not. So I didn’t!

      It was a good trip, though I maybe overdid it as I’m not 100% after my cold yet. Still… it’s always good to get a bit of fresh air!

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