Thirty-seven birthday wishes

Today is my 37th birthday. And the birthday girl gets to make wishes. And I don’t believe in the whole “if you tell anyone your wish it won’t come true” malarkey, so I’m sharing my birthday wishes with you – all 37 of them.

I am truly blessed because I know that I have family and friends around the world who will help make so many of my birthday wishes come true. Thank you, everyone, for being part of my life!

I wish for:

  • A year where I am happy and carefree
  • Good health
  • Good health for my family and friends
  • My nieces and nephews to have all of their dreams come true
  • Schrodie to be happy with Parker, my amazing nephew who will [hopefully] be taking over service to the cat when I leave for Scotland
  • The confidence to know that I’m making the right decisions in my life
  • The strength to carry on when things seem hopeless
  • The ability to forgive others graciously
  • Composure when I’m facing upsetting situations
  • Laughter when I can’t stop crying
  • Laughter for no reason at all
  • Friends who support me
  • Friends who allow me to support them
  • The ability to laugh at my mistakes
  • More empathy and sympathy when dealing with the struggles of others
  • My foster daughter to have a bright and happy future filled with love and security
  • Children around the world to be safe and secure, without fear of abandonment or starvation
  • The ability to be kind even to the cruelest of people
  • Patience and understanding in all situations
  • An end to wars and strife and struggles around the world
  • A world filled with love and acceptance
  • The courage to always do what is right, even when it’s not popular
  • The enthusiasm needed to succeed in school
  • The knowledge and intelligence needed to succeed in school
  • The humility to accept my faults
  • The esteem to love myself despite my faults
  • The acceptance to love others despite their faults
  • The health to complete my first [and last?] marathon in October
  • The good sense to not make myself ill by pushing myself too hard
  • The faith to remember that God is there beside me even when I feel abandoned
  • Good fortunes in love and happiness for my family and friends
  • Good fortunes in employment and wealth for my family and friends
  • My days to be filled with child-like wonderment and laughter
  • Days where I laugh so hard that my sides ache
  • Good friends to celebrate my joys with
  • Good friends to commiserate my sorrows with
  • And a windfall of money so that I don’t have to stress about my finances for the next year (Come on, you didn’t think all of my wishes were going to be for sunshine and happiness, did you?)

4 Replies to “Thirty-seven birthday wishes”

  1. Um, I love all of your wishes, I do, but I can’t get over whatever that tart thing is you’re eating. Yummmmy! Seriously, it’s a little like torture seeing that picture because jeff and I are having a contest, so I’m not eating sugar. So eat double helpings for me!

  2. Happy birthday tooo yooooooooooou, happy birthday to yoooooooooooooooou!!! LalalALLAlalaLAlalalaalALLALALA! 🙂 I pray that all your wishes come true, even the last one! What awaits you is going to be AWESOME! xxx 😀

  3. Sorry I missed your big day – but we did celebrate with nearly 18″ of confetti (snow)!
    You are an amazing, strong woman and I wish you the most amazing year!

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