To bead or not to bead

When I moved into my new flat last weekend, I was excited to see that the previous tenant (and my good friend!) left behind a large pile of crafty stuff for me. I took a quick peek at the time and was excited to see that there were skeins and skeins of yarn and loads and loads of beads, in addition to other crafty bits-and-bobs.

Anyhow, I finally got around to going through the treasures with a bit more attention and can’t believe the number of goodies that have been left behind.

In addition to the yarn and general craft supplies, there are beads and beads and more beads. There are beading pliers and other such tools. There are various bits of jewellery wires and hooks and doo-dads. And there are loads of other bits and pieces that I don’t even recognise.

Best of all, there is a box of books and magazines all about beading. This means I might actually be able to make something with all of these goodies.

And, as those of you who knew me back in the day will recall, I do love making my own jewellery. So, um yeah, this could be fun!

12 Replies to “To bead or not to bead”

  1. Wow! I can hardly wait to see your beading supplies. You could even make things for gifts!
    By the way…I love the new look to the web site.

    1. Thanks, Mom! I’m sure that there are some ‘seed beads’ in the boxes that you’ll like, too. And I’m sure Rebecca wouldn’t mind if I passed some on to you!
      Glad you like the new look. I needed a change and had planned to do it when I finished my dissertation, but I’ve been too busy!

  2. Hey Frances, I just loved the colors of your website !!! I know you will create gorgeous Christmas gifts with those lovely beads. Once you start creating your line of jewellery, please post it the photos

    1. Thanks, Connie! Glad you like the new site. I don’t know if I’ll create much for other people, but I will certainly share what I do create here. And who knows, if I get good, maybe I will make gifts for others. (Must concentrate on one project at a time though!)

  3. Oh how fun! I know you will create some family heirloom treasures in no time as creative as you are!! I agree on the new look as well- so awesome to use a cool swirly as a background :)…maybe you could bead a swirly & use as a tabletop cover or something….

    1. I’m pretty excited about using some of the stuff. I don’t know that it will all be jewellery, but it will get used! Mom is here for a visit next week, so I imagine she’ll help me find uses for some of it, too!

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