Home again, again, again: My 2022 Homeland Holiday recap

Once again, my Homeland Holidays have come to an end, and I am slowly settling back into life in The Heartland. And, oh, how my expat heart aches. There is so much to be said about the heartache of leaving the homeland and the struggle of having one heart and two homes. But that’s a post for another day… on similar themes that I’ve shared in the past.

So, rather than share the sorrow of my life choices, I will just share a recap of my visit home. Mostly through photos but also with a few links to other stories written about specific holiday musings and galleries.

To begin, a quick recap of the things I already wrote about, most of which include several photos of their own:

There are also various holiday photos in my Random Photo Dump posts from May, June, and July.

The photo gallery below shares various highlights from the rest of my visit to The Homeland. To limit the size of the galley, I have omitted most of the photos found in the galleries linked above.

From bike rides and runs to BBQs and meals with family and friends. There were birthday parties and graduations; there were visits with friends from high school. There was grave cleaning and geocaching and even a trip to the Telephone Museum (a story for another day).

Oh, and there were chores. From lawn mowing to painting and loads of sorting through old books, magazines, cassette tapes, CDs, and more. (Some of those chores will be future posts of their own.)

So, basically, it was a typical holiday to the homeland: Family, friends, frocking, and food. The only thing missing was Mum… but she was in my heart the whole time, where she will live on forever.

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