A good week

Another week is winding to an end so I thought I’d reflect on the good things that have happened throughout the week. So, here goes!

Monday: I know that most people hate Mondays, but I’ve always looked forward to them as a fresh start and an opportunity to have a great week. And this Monday was a definite good start for me because I did something I rarely do: I took a long lunch to visit with a friend. It was a great way to break my bad habit of a lousy half-hour lunch at my desk, as well as a good way to spend time laughing.

Tuesday: I enjoyed the tail-end of Tuesday’s refreshing summer weather in my newly pretty back garden with a book, a bowl of olives, and a glass of white wine. There’s a family of birds nesting under my stairs, so I smiled as I watched the mamma and papa birds collecting bugs and stuff for their babies.

Wednesday: I spent Wednesday working from home because I had a terrible headache that seemed to get worse in bright lights, but it was still a day of goodness because the postman brought me a letter from HM Revenue & Customs explaining that the taxman took too much of my money, and they were sending me a cheque to make up for it! And that means that I have a wee bit more money in my PhD savings account.

Thursday: Oh my! So many good things for Thursday. The cheque from HMRC arrived, a good friend came over for dinner, and I went to Whisky Club. Yeah, pretty exciting for a girl who is lucky to have one good thing to celebrate in a day!

Friday: My morning started with a lovely bacon roll (with brown sauce!) followed by a very productive day in the office. I admit that my evening was a bit of a pathetic let-down filled with rubbish television and napping on the couch, but even that can be good sometimes.

Saturday: There were several things I had wished for this Saturday, though I knew they wouldn’t be happening. Part of me wanted to sit around the flat and sulk all day, but instead, I took myself out for a nice wander around a local abbey ruin followed by a to the Stirling Farmers’ Market.

Sunday: I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day, but it turned out quite nice. I had a lazy morning catching up on my letter-writing and then was pleasantly surprised by a quick visit from a friend who was passing through town. And after my friend left, I enjoyed a nice steak dinner and a glass of wine.

I don’t know that I would classify this past week as a great week, as there were plenty of minor stresses and frustrations that dotted the week. But I know that the good things helped to make the week happy enough.

There are several fairly stressful worries on my mind right now and I expect that those things will cause me some upset over the next few weeks. But, I am holding out hope that there will be something good at the end of it all. (Even though I fear that my hope is merely a deflection from the despair I fear will follow.)

Tomorrow is the start of another new week, so I have a new opportunity for greatness. I don’t know what kind of greatness will come, but I’m sure there will be something worth smiling about!

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