Cambuskenneth: The abbey next door

I had grand ideas to travel to Lake Menteith this weekend to check out Inchmahome Priory, but after looking at the very limited bus services to the area, I decided it was high time I check out an old abbey ruin in my own backyard instead. And so, I spent the glorious, sun-shiny day walking over the River Forth on my way to my destination.

Of course, the nearly 2-mile walk to my destination took longer than it should have because I spent an amazing amount of time staring over the bridge leading into the village of Cambuskenneth. Even though the waters of the Forth were a bit murky, I was able to see schools of fish swimming around. And, of course, what urban river would be complete without being littered with bicycles, shopping trolleys, and old tyres? But I digress…

Cambuskenneth Abbey is in the southeast corner of the village and was founded in 1140. The only remaining structure is the bell tower and the burial site of King James III and his wife, Queen Margaret. There are enough remains of the abbey’s walls to imagine the full glory of the abbey that once stood on the ground, though much of the original stonework has been used for other buildings in the area, including (the never-completed) Mar’s Wark near the Stirling Castle.

I was pleased to see that the bell tower was open, but was a little disappointed that I couldn’t climb to the top. (I must get a lock pick!) Still, I enjoyed my visit and may even return one day. Though there are several other Stirling-based places I should probably try to see first.

Oh! I even managed to take some photos for you. I hope you enjoy them!

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