All holidays must come to an end

And with that, my Homeland Holidays have come to an end. Yes, after two (and a bit) weeks in America, I am now back in Scotland; back to my reality. But I had a great holiday and created a lot of new memories to keep me going until my next visit.

I didn’t get to see as many people on this visit, but that’s the way of life sometimes. Still, I did get to spend some high-quality time with the people I did see, which was great! And I managed to get a little bit of PhD work done, too. Which is vital at this stage!

The photos below are a general recap of my holiday. But if you want more details about my holiday (and more photos!), you can check out these posts:

Homeland holidays: 2018 – A quick “introduction” to this year’s holiday

The Godmother – The baptism of my wee nephew, Cameron.

Climbing Manastash – An adventure day with my Daddy and my Goddaughter, Virginia, to climb Manastash Ridge

A mid-holiday holiday – I took a short city break to meet up with a friend from my academic life

Best friends, forever! – A trip to Portland to see my best friend

The spirit of wild horses – A visit to the Wild Horses Monument with my Daddy

But for now, I must put my holiday behind me so that I can get cracking on this PhD. After all, it is Thesis Season now and if I’m going to be submitting my thesis for examination in the autumn, I need to get it written!

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