An adult marriage

Today marks 18 years since I became Mrs Ryan; since I laughed my way into a happy marriage as the Priest placed “odds” on our pairing. Oh, what a wonderful start to what should have been a long and wonderful marriage.

Indeed, at 18 years, we should be marking the “adulthood” phase of marriage. Which is a funny thought that Paul and I might have laughed at… if he didn’t die all those years ago.

But it has been 18 years since our wedding and it was a very happy marriage, whilst it lasted. And so, I think it’s only right to mark the day.

Happy anniversary, Paul. As the Saw Doctors sang on our wedding day, I don’t know so many things but I know I’ve got your love. I luv ya, luv.

Way back when we first got married, Paul created a couple of short photo videos to share with our family and friends who were unable to attend our wedding, so I thought that I’d share them with you here again. Just in case you want to roll your eyes over how terribly sappy and in love we were.

The “formal” shots
YouTube did not allow me to upload this video with the music Paul had it set to, so the track on the embedded video isn’t as fun. Click here to load the original version.

The “candid” shots
This one is loaded with the original music. So no other link is needed!

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