Another Homeland Christmas

I sound like a broken record, but I’m on my Homeland Holidays again! This marks my third Christmas in a row in the homeland which means a third snowy Christmas in a row. Oh, how wonderful that is! (Although there is no snow yet and is looking like a “dry” year.)

I arrived in America around lunchtime yesterday and made my way to Cle Elum today. The weather is cold and crisp – but not snowy – but I’ve decided to treat myself to a month’s gym membership so that I can avoid the cold. Indeed, I have already been to the gym today for a gentle 5K run. It’s a luxury I enjoyed last Christmas because there was too much snow on the ground, and I think I might do this every winter I spend in the Homeland!

Whilst I am still working for the next week and a half, I will be able to get some Dad time in each day – in part because I wake up early so can get work done before he comes downstairs. I am also planning a couple of simple chores around the house (mostly sorting through some boxes of old books) and I will meet up with friends throughout the holiday.

And, if all goes to plan, we will spend Christmas at Royann’s so that we can see the joy in my young godson’s face on Christmas morning. The last two years the snow kept us in Cle Elum and before that, COVID kept my parents from enjoying Christmas with their youngest grandchild. And as Cameron is now 6 years old, there are not too many Christmases left as a “kid”. So, fingers crossed that the snow cooperates this year!

But if the weather decides to change, at least I know I will be spending Christmas with Dad again. This will mark the third Christmas in a row spent in Cle Elum – including Christmas with Mum two years ago, not knowing that it would be her last. And whilst I enjoy my solo Christmas traditions, I also love spending Christmas together with the people I love… because you never know when it will be the last Christmas.

So… look forward to more holiday stories in the coming weeks!

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