Beginning my summer 2023 homeland holidays

I am on my American holidays… again! Not only is this my fourth visit to my Homeland in just 18 months but it’s my fifth visit to America, thanks to a mini break away to Miami in March. Oh, yes. I feel so very jet-set these days!

It is a little strange being home so regularly, especially after a nearly three-year absence during COVID. The hellos are a little more casual – but still filled with love and excitement. And the processes of getting to the hellos are much more functional than reunion-ish. Yup, Dad just waits in the cell phone lot until I send a message saying I have my bags. Then we both make our way to the arrivals pick-up lane. We toss my bags in the car, share a quick hug, and then hit the road.

Of course, the root beer is still there… cold and ready to be enjoyed as we make our way to my youngest sister’s house. Because part of the new travel tradition dictates that we stay there on my first night home before driving over the mountain pass.

When we arrived at Royann’s last night, we enjoyed a traditional Taco Time dinner before I handed out various sweets and treats for everyone. And then, I enjoyed the treat of Cameron excitedly showing me his collection of Mario Karts. He was taking great care to line them up in a very specific way, which I noted to him. That’s when my darling Godson said the most wonderful thing to me: “I am making patterns. I really like patterns.” Yes… a boy after my own heart!

There’s a pattern in development here, and it makes me happy.

I am so excited to spend more time with Cameron, too. He’s really growing into his own as a human and his personality is really quirky and fun and intelligent and so many other wonderfully amazing things. Clearly, he takes after me.

Anyhow, I am now awake on the day after my arrival. Awake, whilst the rest of the house sleeps. And that means I can enjoy a bit of coffee whilst I catch up on some emails and get ready for my morning run.

Morning coffee with Fred. Bliss.

I have a full seven weeks to spend in the Homeland this summer and I intend to enjoy every one of them. I will be doing a little bit of work for my Real Job during this time and a lot of work in the form of chores for Daddy. And, if all goes to plan, there will be a road trip with Dad at some point and lots of visiting with family and friends.

It feels good to be home again. And I am looking forward to being happy and feeling loved for the next few weeks.

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