The Godmother

Today, I became a Godmother. Again. This time, to my wee nephew, Cameron. And whilst all of my Godchildren – and indeed, all of my nieces and nephews – are very special to me, Cameron marks a special point in my Godmother status. That’s because Cameron is the first of my Godchildren to be baptised; he is the first of my Godchildren to be “bound” to me through a religious ceremony.

Cameron is the youngest son of my youngest sister. He was born last spring and I met him for the first time on last year’s Homeland Holidays. It was during that visit that Cameron’s parents asked me if I would accept the honour of being his Godmother.

And of course, I said yes!

The role of Godmother is a very important one in my world. And as the only one of six sisters to not have children, this honour is even more meaningful. After all, I will never have the privilege of being someone’s mother, so I must take what precious moments of maternal(ish) responsibility I can get. (My year as a foster mum was the closest I’ve come to real parenthood, as my husband passed away just before we were meant to adopt children of our own.)

Like my other Godchildren, nieces, and nephews, I will shower Cameron with love and attention every chance I get. And I hope that, with time, he comes to see me as not only the crazy aunt who brings treats and laughter but as someone who will love and support him for the rest of her days.

I am looking forward to watching Cameron grow into an amazing young man – just like his big brothers. And I am looking forward to helping his parents ensure his spiritual journey is one filled with faith and good deeds.

Happy Baptism Day, my darling Cameron. I will love you forever!

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