Homeland holidays: 2018

I am in The Homeland for my summer holidays. Two weeks of family, friends, and fun. And, hopefully, a bit of nice weather!

The big reason for my visit this summer is my nephew’s baptism. Or rather, my Godson’s baptism, as I was asked to take on the honoured role of Godmother when I was home last summer. It is also an opportunity to visit with my parents (and to do a few chores around the house as a form of “delayed obedience”). And, of course, there will be plenty of time to catch up with some of my friends.

Whilst I am quite excited to be here with my family and friends, I am also aware that I need to spend at least some of my time working on my PhD. After all, I am running out of time to submit my thesis and if I don’t get it submitted I will have to return to The Homeland as a failure. And my ego just won’t let me do that!

And so, here I am on the first full day of my Homeland Holidays. I am up well before the rest of the household and ready to get my holidays started. I have already completed a couple of minor PhD tasks, gone for a run, had a cup of coffee, and taken my shower. And in the next wee while, the rest of the household will be waking up. And that will mean more cuddles with my darling Godson!

Stay tuned for more about my holiday adventures…

[Photo note: That’s me and my Godson, Cameron. He totally loves me and I totally love him!]

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