Another running failure

It would seem that I’m really struggling with my running goals these days because not only did I fail on my last two races of 2012, but my first race of 2013 didn’t happen either! Yep, the 2013 Buchlyvie 10K was called on account of ice. This means that my first race of the New Year didn’t happen. Which means that I’ve already kind of failed.

I’m frustrated with this setback, but I’m not counting it as a failure since I had the best of intentions. After all, I was registered for the race and had already arranged for transportation! (My entry fee isn’t refundable, but they will reschedule the race for March so that’s OK.)

So, what’s next?

Well, February is a difficult month to find races for, which means I might need to do a Park Run for my challenge. And if that’s the case, I won’t make up for January’s race until later in the year. I am also intending to run a half marathon and a 10K in March – in addition to the rescheduled Buchlyvie. Then April will be another running of the Balfron 10K and either a full or half marathon in Edinburgh for May.

Again, I’m not counting this as a failed resolution. It’s just a minor setback. Stay tuned to see how my February race goes!

And feel free to check out a gallery of my successful races, too!

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