Blank slate; inspiration sought

I’ve spent the last couple of hours searching for inspiration. For what, I don’t quite know. I’ve found lists of daily adventures, blogs meant to inspire you to write a book, and all sorts of things that would make a prostitute blush. (Sadly, that happens with Google searches sometimes!)

In the end, I found the inspiration I was looking for in the hall closet. Yes, I was inspired by a piece of lightweight cardboard that sat peeking out from the top shelf.

Or at least I found just enough inspiration to know that I want to use it as the base for a collage. But I don’t know what the theme of the collage should be.

And that’s where you, Dear Reader, come in. Yes, I would like to hear your ideas of what to place on the board; ideas of a theme or a medium to use; ideas of anything, really.

So, what do you think I should do for my collage? Feel free to give multiple suggestions, and I will let you know what I’ve decided to do once I’m fully inspired!

[The blank canvas measures approximately 16.5 x 9.5 inches. Or 9.5 x 16.5 I suppose, depending on the final orientation.]

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  1. Funny you should ask-Just yesterday, Dylan had an orchestra competition at Timberline HS. While they warmed up in the library, I wandered around looking at some magnificent artwork, done by the students there. I should have taken some photos, but at the time, I had no reason to do so. The art was amazing-students were given newsprint in various languages. they chose a sheet that had meaning for them (or not) such as a relevant article, etc. they mounted it on cardboard and drew faces (possibly their own?) over the newsprint in charcoal, or perhaps chalk. Some used colored chalk to accent eyes, or a necklace, or whatever. I am telling you, they were fabulous. Such a lot of talent on every shelf in the library. They spoke of creating beautiful art from all recycled materials and how it could still be beautiful.
    Anyway, you are so talented, I am sure you can come up with something fine as well.
    Good luck.
    Ps, We loved your toast to the laddies last night. And your dad’s speech was hilarious!! Miss you! Ant E.
    pps Fat Schrodie says ‘meow’

    1. Fat Schrodie? Sounds like she’s getting lazy!
      I’ve gotten suggestions of candy wrappers from my Facebook friends. But I like the idea of combining mediums. I don’t have charcoals or chalks, but I have some nice pastels that might work.
      I miss you, too! I’m hoping to come visit this summer though–really! xx

      1. The reason Schrodie put on a few pounds: We had a huge winter storm-over a foot of snow, then an ice storm that broke many trees and took power lines down. I was in Denver at the time, enjoying balmy 50s temps, but when I came hom eto no power, it stunk. Dylan had been feeding the cats and when I came home, I went over several times a day to check on them and feed them. It was 41 degrees in my house! So all they did was eat to stay warm. I had many blanket beds set up for them, but could not do much else. So thy ate, and ate, and ate. Hence, a few extra pounds. I am sure they will burn it off in their rumble sessions every day.
        Let me know ASAP when you might be home so I can try to visit, or be home so you can visit.

  2. My suggestion would suffice as a double dose of inspiration…I think you should use it as a “race board” take your photos, # patches & what have you from each of your races that you are attempting to fulfill your goal & then each one will remind you of the sense of accomplishment plus a reminder & motivation of the overall goal to run a race a month! 🙂

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