Bob & Dave: Just normal

Today was my annual check-up for my kidneys, Bob and Dave. I’ve been really nervous about it because I know that the last year hasn’t been my greatest when it comes to nutrition and exercise. And with the extreme stress I’ve been under the last few months, I was certain that today would be filled with bad – or at least not good – news.

At 39 years old, and having been diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease at the age of five, it is understandable that I would begin to show signs of diminished kidney function – especially when you consider that both of my kidneys are more than twice the average size and are riddled with cysts. In fact (and you may not want to hear this) I can actually feel Bob (my left kidney) protruding a bit. It’s weird.

But despite all of that, I walked away from today’s appointment with nothing but happy news. So, here’s some of the stuff I learned:

  1. My blood pressure is well within normal ranges so I still don’t need to take any medications to control it.
  2. The extremely small amount of protein noted in my urine is well within normal ranges – and is less than it was last year.
  3. My overall kidney function numbers are well within normal ranges – and, again, is an improvement on last year. (GFR numbers and all that.)
  4. I lost 4 pounds since last year. (OK, I didn’t need to lose weight but that’s nice than hearing I gained weight!)

Anyhow, my doctor is extremely pleased with my test results and is happy to not see me for another year.

I know this may not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but I’ve really had a lot on my plate these past six months and I needed a win.

Thank you, Bob and Dave, for all of your hard work. I know life is hard for you as you struggle to stay as healthy as you can against such miserable odds and I’m just so thankful for all that you do for me!

2 Replies to “Bob & Dave: Just normal”

  1. Woo Hoo! We always love to hear the good news! With everything else that’s going on, I am so pleased to hear that your kidney function has improved over last year! Evidently, you’re doing something right!!

    1. I guess I must be! I suppose that my interpretation of a rubbish diet and lack of exercise is still an improved state compared to many people in the Western world, so it’s still quite healthy. But I do know I need to improve. And, hopefully, once I get sorted with my move and my new student visa I will be able to settle back into a good routine once again!

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