Christmas goodies

I’ve spent the day making Christmas goodies for family and friends. I thought it would put me in the Christmas mood, but it’s really just reminded me of the last time I spent the day making Christmas goodies – about two years ago.

I decided against making cookies and just stuck to truffles and fudge. And I ran out of sugar so only made one batch of fudge. But I managed lots and lots of truffles, so that will make up for it.

I haven’t made up pretty plates yet, but here’s a picture of the peanut butter and white chocolate truffles on the tray to make you wish you were here.

4 Replies to “Christmas goodies”

    1. The funny thing is that I don’t really care for chocolate! Which means I’m certainly making these for others, not for me! I probably won’t eat any of them!

  1. My husband would be begging at your door for those if he knew! Peanut butter and chocolate are his favorite, but then mix it all together in a truffle? I’m not sure he could handle the awesomeness. If you are willing to share your recipe, I’m pretty sure I would love to give him these for his birthday.
    I hope you have a good Christmas, and I really think that this next year will be the year for some of your dreams to come true. You deserve it. I have been so happy getting to know you again through this blog. I feel like I have found a treasure in you. You are truly awesome!

    1. If you were near-by, I’d bring you a big plate of them! I will post the recipe for both types of truffles later today. They are so very, very easy that I laugh to myself when people go on and on about how amazing they are! Chocolate chip cookies are difficult to make in comparison!
      I am glad that we’ve gotten the chance to know each other again through our blogs. You’ve been such a great supporter for me the last year and I appreciate it so much! I hope that you and your brood have an amazing Christmas with all of the love of Uur Saviour to fill your hearts for all of the New Year and beyond!!!

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