Close call

I spent the day walking to-and-from Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, following the various closes, wynds, and steps as I went along.

The initial inspiration came from a post on Healthy Edinburgh’s blog about an “urban step class”, which then led me to an idea to explore every single close off the Royal Mile. But as I investigated my route and thought about the best way to tackle my objective, my plan changed.

So instead of investigating all the closes (many of which are private and/or only lead to inner courtyards), I decided to investigate as many paths to-and-from the Royal Mile to the New Town and Grassmarket areas.

I started at Heriot Place near the old Telfer and Flodden city walls and spent the next four hours walking up and down stairs and steep, cobbled pathways. Along the way, I passed by several places I’ve been before, and through my favourite close – the path I took that led me to meet my late husband – as well as a few I’d never travelled before.

I made it as far as the Bridges before I decided I’d seen enough for one day. But there aren’t really that many more thoroughfares past that point so I’m calling it a successful day.

And do you know what? It was a good day. I admit it would have been better if I’d had someone to share the adventure with but maybe I’ll find someone to join me on my next Royal Mile adventure!

And if you want to see what you missed, below is a wee photo gallery of my journey. It might seem a bit confused, but it was the best way I could see to make the journey at the time. If you’d like to suggest improvements to the trek, give a shout and we can walk it together!

2 Replies to “Close call”

  1. Wow! What a great adventure for you. I actually recognized a few of the spots either from my own visits or from photos I’ve seen on Facebook. I hope the construction on that first set of steps is finished by the time I make it over for a visit. It’s on my list! And I certainly wouldn’t mind re-visiting those places I’ve been…just to see it with fresh eyes.

    1. I’m sure the works will be done … looks like just a minor roofing job. But there will be more to see when you’re here next. And as you’ve never really toured Edinburgh, we’ll make it a bit more of a priority this time!

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