I am one of those weird people who enjoys grocery shopping. I start in the produce section and take great effort to select the best fresh fruits and vegetables. Then I wander up and down every aisle, with my list in hand, looking for great bargains. Most trips see me grabbing a few items not on the list, but items that are on sale and that I use regularly. And since I’m shopping with a list that’s based on a pre-determined menu, I end up with loads of great food that will actually make for some great meals when I get home.

Oh, wait! I lied! I rarely go up and down every aisle. I avoid the one with the sodas and shelf-stable juices because I don’t really drink those things. And I avoid the one with the crisps (that’s chips to translate to American) because I am a weak woman when it comes to savoury snacks.

But I digress… (That happens often, doesn’t it?)

I learned when I lived in Edinburgh that grocery shopping without a car is not fun. Or rather, the shopping bit is fun but the part where you have to get the stuff home kind of sucks. Especially if you live in a top floor flat! So I did this thing where I would walk to the store (a mile+ away) then I’d take a taxi home for about 5. But I still had to lug everything upstairs to my 2nd floor flat (that’s the 3rd floor in America).

And then I discovered Tesco delivery!

When I moved to Stirling I decided that I would have my groceries delivered again. Only it took me a while to get everything sorted – mostly because I needed a new bank card since the one I had wasn’t working for online payments. But my new card came in the post over the weekend and I put it to the test!

And, well, it seems to have worked! I placed an order yesterday afternoon and took the first delivery spot they had this morning – which meant that by 9:30 I had my groceries delivered and put away!

The cool thing about this is that it took way less time than shopping myself, I didn’t have to lug everything up the stairs to my 3rd floor flat (that’s the 4th floor in America), the delivery fee was half the cost of a taxi ride home, and I didn’t end up with impulse buys that I really didn’t need – which means I saved money in the end!

So, what’s on the menu for this week? Well, there will be a feta-asparagus-potato-tomato bake thingy this evening, a Caesar salad tomorrow, baked chicken with mushroom risotto the next day, pasta with fresh tomatoes and artichoke hearts the day after that, and maybe a baked potato with a fresh salad the day after that. And plenty of fresh fruit, granola, and yoghurt for breakfast all week, too.

But I didn’t buy any wine this time, so if you’re going to invite yourself around for one of these fabulous meals, you’ll need to bring a bottle to share!

2 Replies to “Delivered”

  1. Hint taken, I’ll bring wine tomorrow night for our Caesar salad!
    Actually, I think you should blog your menu every week and that way I can decide what evening I should invite myself round for dinner 😉

    1. I was only kidding about the wine. But if you’ve already picked out a bottle, who am I to turn it down? 🙂
      I guess I’ll have to figure out next week’s dinner menu now so that you can plan your evening meal schedule! x

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