Hail, Caesar!

I’m on a bit of a Caesar salad kick these days. Where I used to be extremely creative with my weekly dinner menus and ate mostly healthy, whole foods, I gave up cooking after Paul died. I just didn’t have the heart for it. But, a few months ago I finally started to use the kitchen again. Though very sporadically!

For a few weeks, I was on a salmon kick. That segued into an Ahi kick which somehow morphed into an artichoke and pasta kick.

In between fits and starts of proper cooking, I’ve sustained myself with overly-processed, food-like substances that Paul and I used to mock people for eating!

But now I’m (sort of) getting back into cooking again. And I don’t know why but my new obsession is Caesar salads. I’ve been steaming a couple of chicken breasts ahead of time then cutting them into bits so that when I get home from work I just need to chop some fresh Romaine and tomatoes.

I know that salad drenched in dressing with the addition of croutons, olives, and Parmesan cheese isn’t the healthiest option but I’m guessing it’s better than TV dinners. One day I’m sure that I’ll get back in the habit of creating weekly menus full of healthy goodness, but in the meantime, I’ll settle for at least three healthy(ish) meals a day.

Up for tomorrow is a grilled tuna steak with angel hair pasta and fresh artichokes. Or more Caesar salad. We’ll see.

One Reply to “Hail, Caesar!”

  1. Good on you, Frances. Cooking is a very therapeutic pastime and one I indulge in too. It took me a bit of time to feel like cooking again too. Ironically it was spending a week in hospital last summer (several days Nil by Mouth) that got me started.
    If you can get hold of it, I heartily recommend the cooking magazine Delicious to tempt the taste buds and culinary adventures.

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