Dissertation month update; Part 3

In less than two weeks, I have to have a full draft of my dissertation ready to send my supervisor for his review. (After which, I will have a couple of weeks to make final edits before it’s due.) It seems that Dissertation Month is going by so quickly!

So, what does that mean? Well, that means I am going to be writing like a madwoman for the next several days. In fact, I need to write 600-700 words a day between now and 24 July. Yikes! I just saw that and freaked out a little!

But it’s not as bad as it sounds! No, really! You see, I have all of my interview findings in separate documents. Fourteen documents to be exact and that’s more than 19,000 words. Of course, once I narrow those down to the important – or, rather, relevant – words, I shouldn’t be more than 8,000 words. This means I’d best get busy whittling words and rearranging them into meaningful information.

Anyhow, today was a work party day with a friend from my course. I know we didn’t get much accomplished with our word counts, but I think we both found it useful to bounce ideas off each other for our projects as a whole. We’ll be getting together again over the weekend and hopefully, we’ll both be further along by then!

Below is my progress-to-date, but I’m nowhere near done for the night. I plan to finish up a few more sections that I was editing today and will add in a few bits of detail that deserve to be included. I hope that I can add another 200 words tonight, but I need an early night so may have to stop before I get to that point so that I’m not up until the sun rises!

Current word count: 3,425 (only 8,755 to go!)

Tomorrow’s task list:

  • Head up to campus for a meeting and a bit of library time
  • Edit down all interviews to the “relevant” bits in preparation for adding to dissertation
  • Review current book lists, reference lists, and literature review section to ensure nothing has been missed out

3 Replies to “Dissertation month update; Part 3”

  1. For those who are counting, I am now at 3,664 words. Which means that I’ve gone over my hoped-for goal of an additional 200 words tonight. And that’s about to be rewarded with some swirl-time before I go to bed. Tomorrow, after all, is a busy day!!

  2. So what was the big happening? Or has it not happened yet? I’m dying to know… 😀

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