Welcome to dissertation month!

OK folks, it’s time to get serious about this dissertation. Like really, really serious! (Actually, I should have been really, really serious about it for the past few months but, well…) So I am claiming July to be Dissertation Month. This means that you may be faced with several dissertation-themed posts and rants – or at least updates on my progress within most of my posts.

But, even with such a major deadline looming, I am totally lacking motivation. So, I am asking you, Dear Reader, to help me out there. Encouragement, prayers, and good writing vibes are needed!

And, for my part, I will share with you an honest update on my progress. Starting today!

For those in need of a refresher, my dissertation is looking at the role of social networking (specifically Facebook) in news reading/sharing. (It’s less Facebook-y than it sounds.) The final, final printed dissertation is due on 21 August and needs to be 12,000 words (+/- 10%). But I have a major deadline looming at the end of July when I need to have a full draft ready for my dissertation supervisor. This means I have about three and a half weeks to write this thing!

As it stands now, I have my introduction and literature review sections nearly done and I am now done with interviews. In fact, much of today has been spent transcribing the last of my spoken interviews. This means that I didn’t get the 1,000 words written for the dissertation itself as I’d hoped, but it was/is a big and important part of the process so that’s OK. And the day’s not over, so I might manage to get some more work done. I wonder if a glass of wine would help or hinder that process…

Current word count: 2,732 (only 9,268 to go!)

Tomorrow’s task list:

  • Review emailed responses and enter into a nice, clean Word document
  • Expand research methodology section (goal to complete section by Wednesday)
  • Run 4+ miles (exercise is vital to keeping the mind sharp!)

7 Replies to “Welcome to dissertation month!”

  1. Short & concise. Profound even. Good speech, Roy. (tough act to follow, that guy.)
    All I can say Frances, is that most folks love to ‘have written’. It’s getting to that point were you can use that particular verb tense. I’m cheering you onward though. From over here safely across the pond. Where I can be many leagues away from anything like actual ‘helpfulness’. You have that going for ya. “)

    1. Yes. Imagine how little work I’d get done having you here! I’d be forced typing with one hand, as the other would be raised in hopes of saving the watch. 🙂 (Hope you’re well!)

  2. Lots of thoughts, prayers, good vibes, & every other sort of good energy coming your way straight from my brain & heart waves!!!!
    Also, maybe you can start a rant that would be relevant on the realization that I had today regarding Facebook…
    It has occurred to me that I now actually have very little time to “socialize” on the social network whether it be for better(I spend more time with my family & “in life” communications) or worse (I miss the chance to “catch up” with my friends that I don’t get to readily see) and have found that I now have different views of the purpose of FB than when I began. See I was one of those that played some farming game or other, posted about random nonsense(you know the vague not so complete thought that would make people go “what’s going on with her?” I would comment on a LOT of posts by people, even if to just give my opinion on a matter! I would check several times or for long periods of time just to make sure I didn’t “miss anything”!
    As FB(or myself, whichever) has matured I now have the following view:
    FB is a Social Network NOT an antisocial network…
    I now only want to see posts from people I am actually “social” with and not people just because I know who they are. I have realized that I, & therefore others, do not have time for all those silly apps or games so I do NOT send requests for this that or the other and tend to “turn off” the people that do. I don’t care to read people’s post that are the 1 sentence, vague, or hourly update of your every day activity. If you have something interesting or new going on in your life sure tell us about it but I really don’t care if you are “jus sittin here bored”. I also don’t want gory details of how your Gyno Appt went, a simple going to Dr today hope the results are good will suffice, if you think that someone really cares about the details(unless it’s something relevant to your general health(such as platelet count)then message them the rest of us don’t need the detail. I also believe that FB is merely meant to be a means to catch up with those that you don’t get to in “live interactions” or get a message out to a large group of friends all at once & therefore posts should be in an “at a glance” style and not be a chapter in a book of the “Drama that is life”. We are NOT in High School anymore and the “he said/she said” BS is old & gossip is not becoming of adults! I have realized that as refreshing as it is to delete offenders from your friends list there is also a sadness of a lost connection that comes as well. Finally I have realized that as much as I am glad to have “my time” back I equally miss my chance to be “social” and wonder if I had more time to be social as much as I used to would my views of FB have changed or not??…

    1. Yikes! I totally should have interviewed you for my dissertation! Too bad it’s too late… but there’s always that PhD if I manage it!
      I agree very much with your rant. But I laughed when you mentioned the TMI with the medical stuff. I always go back-and-forth about posting anything when I’m sick–let alone platelet counts. But I know that there are people who actually do want to know (or at least who say they do!) so I share that at times without going into much detail. Some things need to be private!
      And the gossip? Well, that drives me bonkers! Though I admit that, much like a train wreck, I do follow some of the break-ups and fights that our old HS friends are having on FB. If it’s a really juicy one, I’ll got to their walls to make sure I haven’t missed anything!!
      Well talk FB when I’m home to visit next! xx

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