From Roslyn to Roslin to Rosslyn

I grew up a couple of miles down the road from Roslyn, Washington. So when I first moved to Edinburgh in 2001, I was excited to learn that there was another Roslin here in Scotland, on the outskirts of the city. And since beginning my PhD, I’ve been living on a rural estate south of the city, and just two miles down the road from – you guessed it! – the Scottish Roslin.

Anyhow, when I first moved here, I just knew I would have to make the journey to Roslin. And whilst I was there, I discovered the Rosslyn Chapel. At the time, it was just a wee chapel that was barely noticed by anyone outside of the local community. Yes, it was gorgeous. Yes, it was an architectural splendour. And yes, it was an amazing place to visit.

It was quiet and peaceful. And you could sit in the near-empty church just soaking up the ambience of it all. And the carvings! Oh my goodness! The carvings are just amazing!

Then in 2003, this guy called Dan Brown wrote a book or something. Then, in 2006, the book was turned into a movie. And then, the peaceful, quiet Rosslyn Chapel became a massive tourist mecca. After all, the climactic ending takes place in the chapel.

For me, as a non-Dan Brown fan, but a lover of Medieval churches, the crowds are bitter-sweet. On one hand, the extra footfall has meant that much-needed restoration projects could be undertaken to save the building. On the other hand, it means that there are people in my peaceful church. Loud ones. Pushy ones. And ones who don’t adhere to the “no photos inside the chapel” rule.

But I still enjoyed today’s visit. After all, when you’re surrounded by so much amazing history and art-by-stone-masonry, how can you not enjoy yourself? Of course, I was there with my lovely friend, C, and her daughter, A, which just made everything that much better! (As friends often do.)

So, that’s another place completed on BuzzFeed’s list of amazing places around Edinburgh. And it’s another success story for my goal of having more adventures.

Next weekend’s adventure will be an educational experience, so be sure to check back to hear about that. And if you want to join me for an adventure, get in touch!

2 Replies to “From Roslyn to Roslin to Rosslyn”

  1. I’m guessing that if you had visited in early March there would have been fewer people around. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed your visit and look forward to visiting it with you soon. I’d love to see it without all the scaffolding! Another March visit, perhaps?

    1. Yes, I’m sure a visit in March would be less crowded. I doubt it will ever be as empty as it was on my first visit though.

      We can certainly add it to the list of places to see when you visit next. I’m sure V will enjoy it, too!


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