The brew master

I love beer. But I bet you probably knew that by now. Especially if you follow me on Untappd. I also love cooking and making edibles from scratchI love learning, too. And I really love a good adventure. So yesterday, I combined all of those loves together for one great make-your-own-beer adventure.

Homebrew was something my late husband and I were investigating before he died. So when the opportunity to take a two-hour BrewSchool course at the BrewStore presented itself to me, I couldn’t pass it up. Prior to registering, I emailed the BrewStore to ask what the atmosphere was like. I’ve learned that there are some things (sadly, many things!) that are not designed for solo adventures, so I always like to ask. I was informed that the classes were limited to six people and that most people attended on their own. So with that knowledge, I bought myself a Groupon deal and booked a spot.

One of the things I was curious to learn was about the equipment I would need to get started. Not just the cost of it all, which is certainly of importance, but also the space required for the brewing process. My plan is to start off with brewing kits, which make about 40 bottles of beer. That also means that the space will be minimised. The hard part will be finding a way to keep the brewing keg at a warm enough temperature. But there are gadgets and gizmos that can help with that process.

Importantly, I came away from the day with a better understanding of the process, and with a bit of confidence in my ability to make some homebrew. The kits seem to make everything relatively easy and once I master that, I will be able to make small tweaks to the recipes so that I can create a custom brew to enjoy at home—and maybe to share with a few lucky friends.

I’ve got a lot going on right now between race trainingrunning races, and doing that PhD thing, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to start making my own beer. But at least I now have a better idea of the time it will take me—and the supplies (and therefore, money!) I will need to brew the first batch of RyanPA. (RyanBrew? HefeRyan? DocRyan’s IPA?)

I’ll be doing a bit more research online so that I am ready to brew when I find the spare cash (and time). And if you have any tips from your own brewing experience, please give me a shout!

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