Training month

As September is a month of races, I’ve decided that I should probably make August a month of training for races. And so, I’ve started the month off with a 7-mile run and I’m looking forward to increasing my mileage throughout the month.

For those who’ve followed my running posts over the years, you’ll know I’m not good at actually training for the races I run. No, I’m more of a rock-up-to-the-start-line-and-hope-for-the-best kind of runner. But each year, I attempt to get a little better.

My plan for August is fairly simple: A seven-mile run this weekend (done!), 14 miles next weekend, and 21 the weekend after that. The following weekend will be a restful weekend with a final 14-mile run on the final weekend of the month.

In between my weekend runs, I will aim for a minimum of three days’ running at distances of three to five miles. And I’ll even try to do some light weight-lifting as well. I’m also going to attempt at walking a bit more each day by getting off the bus a mile or two before I actually need to.

Oh! And I’m going to spend (almost*) all of the next two months teetotal. Yep, I’ve decided that to ensure I’m in the best shape possible, I need to skip the booze for a bit. I drink less than the recommended allowances, so it’s not like I’ll struggle with this decision. I just know that my body will thank me more if I drink water instead of wine when I’m putting all the extra physical strain onto myself.

Hopefully, this extra training will help me meet my 2015 race time goals. But if not, at least it will help me stay fit and trim without giving up my lovely food.

I’ll need to motivate myself, but I’m sure I’ll manage. And a bit of extra encouragement won’t go amiss so feel free to cheer me on along the way. You can even come run a few miles with me if you’d like!

* Before making this decision, I signed up for a beer-making class and made plans to go hiking and beer-drinking with my brother-in-law in England. So August won’t be totally sober. But not a drop in September until after my last race.

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