Got letters? (Want letters?)

Today is the start of my annual letter-writing month, which means another call for letter receivers! It also means another challenge to others to write letters. I am also hopeful that this year’s letter-writing activities might lead me to a new pen pal. So, there’s a lot of hope riding on this post!

Regular Just Frances readers might recall that I have written about letter-writing countless times in the past. Indeed, I have been a letter writer from an early age and I plan to continue long into old age. You might also recall that I have challenged others to write letters and I’ve encouraged people to request letters from me to themselves or others.

Of course, I’ve not written my own letters much this year. Between the death of my pen-pal (October 2021), my mother (January 2022), and one of my dearest friends and a fellow letter-writer (September 2022), I have not had someone to write to, but I have also been focused on other things. And whilst I sent a lot of postcards for last year’s challenge, my incoming personal mail was nearly non-existent. Without letters coming in, I’ve no one to reply to.

Postage stamps on postcards from last year’s challenge

As mentioned in the opening gambit, this post serves three purposes: A call for letter-receivers, a challenge to letter-writers, and the hunt for a new pen pal. So, let’s go!

Want a card or a letter? Get in touch!

I have stacks of stationery, notecards, postcards, and other lovely writing papers and I love to share them with others. If you are the kind of person that likes personal mail (most of us are!) or if you could use the joy of a letter (or a weird, random reminder to zero your inbox), get in touch!

You can also request that I send something to someone you know: An anonymous note of encouragement or laughter; a reminder to change the batteries on the smoke detector or to register to vote; or something different altogether. Again, just drop me a private message!

And don’t worry about being greedy if you want to request more than one. I have plenty of my Mum’s old postcards and other stationery, in addition to my own collection. This stuff really wants to be shared with others!

My challenge to you: Write a letter! (Or two or three or thirty-three!)

This is an easy one: Just write (and send, through the postal service) a letter. Just one, although more than one is better!

If you don’t have time to write a long letter, you can send a little card with a joyful quote. Or maybe you can send a postcard from your hometown to a friend who moved away. You might even share a memory of the two of you. Alternatively, maybe you have an artistic kid but not enough space to showcase all their drawings: Fold it up with a little note to send on to an aunt or uncle!

If you’re still at a loss for who to write to, what to write on, or what to say, have a look at this challenge post from 2021 for some inspiration.

Pen-pal wanted: Apply within!

This is the big one! I am looking for a new pen pal and could use your help.

Many years ago, I offered to write letters and a stranger reached out and said he’d always wanted a pen pal. And that began a decade-long friendship through the post – only ending when he died. (His family wrote to me to let me know.)

He was not my first pen pal, but he was the last of my active pen pals. And whilst the friendship we forged through our letters can’t be replaced, I am hoping a new friendship can be established with someone who wants to share the art of written correspondence.

If you (or someone you know) want to give being my pen pal a try, please reach out. The rules are simple:

  • We exchange hand-written letters or cards (postcards are OK, too) with an aim to reply within a few weeks of receiving a letter.
  • Letters are friendly and share a bit about our lives, but each of us should use caution with revealing personal information.
  • In general, we won’t be related or connected on social networking sites. Our communications will be restricted to “snail mail”: No texting or emails.
  • There are no age or location restrictions, but correspondence must be in English.
  • I am not seeking romantic connections, nor should my pen-pal. This is strictly a platonic arrangement.

As for me, I plan to write at least 28 letters and cards this month. I have a list of politicians to share my thoughts with, people to thank, good wishes to bestow, gossip to share, and much more. And that means it’s time to get the wax seals and stationery out again to write, write, write.

And hopefully, someone will write back.

Please let me know if you’d like one of this month’s 28 letters! Contact me privately to request one.

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