Home and (partially) de-stressed

Well, I’ve finally made it back home after having a lovely mini-break to Canada. My drive home turned into a bit of a longer journey than expected, but it wasn’t a disaster by any means. So, I’ll not bore you with the details of the drive.

If you’ve been reading, you’ll know that I spent a fun day out and about at a local historic park and another fun day bottling wine and cross country skiing. Because it was such a short break, that was pretty much it for activities. But it was still an amazing trip because of the company.

I’ve been struggling a bit the past few months and have been convinced that much of my sadness is a realisation that I am incredibly lonely and that I don’t have friends to just sit around and visit with. And this short visit helped to further convince me of that.

From the moment I arrived, I could feel the stress melting. It was just so nice to sit and chat with friends about nothing and everything. It was nice to feel that my presence was wanted and enjoyed; that I wasn’t a burden. In fact, the visit has lifted so much stress from my soul and has helped to give me a little more courage and strength for the great things that are waiting for me on the horizon.

I wish I could have stayed longer, but I am so pleased to know that I will have many more opportunities to visit with my friends for years to come. Thank you, Rebecca and Amanda, for letting me join you for part of your family’s holiday celebrations. It’s helped to end my year on a high note!!

And because I know everyone is expecting them, you can see some of the photos of my trip here. (Yay!)

2 Replies to “Home and (partially) de-stressed”

  1. You were more than welcome joining us on my annual visit to the Pacific North Wet – and not just because of the truffles you brought either. I’m glad we were able to help lift some of the stress, I just wish there was more we could do.
    Looking forward to the next visit!

    1. Just knowing that I have good friends helps release some of the stress. I just need to remember that I’m not alone in the world, even when I feel like it at times.
      See you in a few months!! xx

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