I spy

As part of my Thankful November theme, today’s post is an ‘I Spy’ photo story. So, here goes!

I spy ten things that make me thankful to live in Stirling, Scotland:

The Stirling Castle: What a breath-taking castle! And local residents (that’s me!) get free admission. So you know where I’ll be spending a lot of time!

The University of Stirling: How lucky am I that such a beautiful city is home to a great university with a media research centre.

The Stirling Smith: Stirling has a fascinating history, and the Smith tells the story so well. They even have lectures and events—one of which I’m attending later this month. (Story to follow!)

Easy Rail Links: I’m a 10-minute walk to the train station and from there I’m only an hour to Edinburgh or 4 hours to my in-laws in Billingham.

Compact City Centre: Everything you need is right there. And I’m less than 10 minutes away from it all!

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe: An entire shop dedicated to sweeties. It’s like a little corner of heaven right here in Stirling!

The Burgh Coffee House: It’s great to have such an inviting place to sit and relax whilst sipping a cup of tea and surfing the Internet with free WiFi.

The Junk Rooms: Friday night cocktails are amazing here. It’s not just the drinks but the comfortable atmosphere, too!

Good Friends: Having an amazing friend like Rebecca here is fantastic. The fact that she’s a great local guide is an added bonus!

A Re-discovered Smile: The thing I’m more thankful for in Stirling? My re-discovered smile. Life is good here. And that is really something to be thankful for.

11 Replies to “I spy”

    1. I’d like to think I’d love it here even if you weren’t here, but I know that having a friend in town helps make Stirling great! (I mean, all of the sudden, I have a social life!)

  1. Mr. Simms looks better than the sweet shop we went to when over a couple years ago…must check this place out. The grandkids will love me for it!

    1. Boy! I sure did need a proof reader on that message. Just cross out the “when over”. That should make it read better! 🙂

    2. Oh, they’ll love you regardless! But it is a great place and I think that you’ll like it. In fact, I think that you’ll like a lot of stuff about Stirling on your next visit because you’ll have more time here!

  2. OMG, I almost got distracted from your post because of that HUGE cat! At least I think it’s a cat!
    I’m glad you are enjoying yourself there. Thanks for the tour. Maybe someday I’ll get to see it in person.

    1. Yep–That was a cat. Apparently, it adopted the museum. I had to walk around it to get in!
      I really am enjoying myself here and would love to show you around if you ever make it over!

  3. THAT is definitely no “fake it til you make it” smile…so nice to see the real thing again! And thanks for sharing your lovely new “home” with us 🙂

    1. Yep, that was a 100% real smile. Though I admit I still have to plaster on a fake one every so often. But, it’s nice that the real one comes so naturally these days.

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