It takes a Village

Oh, yum! I went out to dinner with my lovely niece, Krystyne, last night and was reminded just how wonderful pizza can be. And it can be really, really wonderful!

We decided to go to Village Pizza because it’s the best in the Homeland. (There used to be another place that tied with them, but they’ve changed hands and have gone all gourmet, catering for the resort-go-ers.) Anyhow, we went with the classic Village Combo (meat!) and a pitcher of root beer. It was a little slice of heaven!

But it was also a great little reminder of how things never change, even when they do!

You see, several years ago (too many to recall!) Village Pizza burned to the ground. It was a winter’s night and something went wrong. Tragically, the owner, Harry, had a heart attack as he ran toward the burning building and died. He died as he watched his livelihood burn. And we all mourned. We mourned for Harry and we mourned for a local institution.

Not to let tragedy prevent joy, Village Pizza was re-built and was done so with perfection.

So now my nieces and nephews are growing up with the same pizza experiences I had: Village Pizza. And whilst your pie is cooking, you visit with other locals, chat over a pitcher of beer (or root beer), and flick through the Trivial Pursuit cards that sit on nearly every table.

I don’t imagine I have too much time left before I return home to Scotland, but I wouldn’t mind another trip to Village whilst I’m here. Or, at least, another few meals with my nieces and nephews!

2 Replies to “It takes a Village”

  1. That’s one thing I didn’t get to do while I was there. I really wanted Mike to try it too (he’s from Chicago so it’s hard for him to find Pizza he likes). Oh well, something to look forward to next time.

    1. You’ll definitely have to make sure you go next time you visit home. It was so wonderfully delicious that I keep thinking about it nearly a week later!

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