Signed, sealed, delivered

Today I sent off my visa application papers. A couple of days later than I’d hoped, but the delay meant that I had everything I wanted to include in the package.

As you may recall, I made my application last week (online) and I went to Yakima on Tuesday to have my biometrics done. I had hoped to send my documents right after that, but there were delays. (Which always seems to be the case these days!)

Anyhow, it’s all on its way to the British Consulate in New York now and should arrive by Saturday. I’ve paid an extra $150 fee for priority service, which should mean that my application will remain at the top of the stack until it’s done.

So, in the next week or two (maybe sooner?) I hope to be making a great big announcement that my visa has been approved. And with luck, I will be travelling back to Scotland in time to start my PhD on 1 November.

Things are moving along. Finally. This makes me happy.

4 Replies to “Signed, sealed, delivered”

  1. Good Luck, break a leg, or whatever the appropriate thing to say is. Good Luck with your walk this weekend as well. I was a bit worried when I couldn’t find you on Facebook but I imagine that it’s hard to keep up with it in that area. I had a hard time… very sporadic cell phone coverage even on a good network.

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I’m keeping everything crossed and hope to hear back from the border agency soon!

      Facebook is more about my own need to hide away and less about networking coverage – that seems to be just fine here these days, and I’m often on wireless anyhow.

      Looking forward to Sunday’s walk. It’s a great cause and it’s always nice to see everyone else who’s there!

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