Autumn falls

Ta-da! This is my latest swirlAutumn Falls. I swirled it whilst sitting in my parents’ living room over about a week – whilst sitting in a lovely, comfy armchair that Paul and I purchased for our home from a little antique store. (Yeah, more information than you might have cared for at this point.)

The inspiration for this swirl began when I was reviewing my coloured pencil supply and decided that I would do a swirl that used some of my lesser-used colours. Originally, that would have included a pale blue and two lighter yellows, but when I saw the autumnal colours of the other four pencils, I decided to stick with those. (So, maybe I need to do a blue and yellow one now?)

Like the majority of my swirls, the art of swirling this was a great way to relax and focus my very scattered thoughts.

Yes, scattered thoughts. As always. Some visa related. Some stalker related. Some crazy people driving me crazy related. And some “I’m a madwoman” related. And some of the thoughts brought me to take down the site whilst I reviewed some online security issues. (Those would be the stalker ones.)

My thoughts are still scattered and I am hiding away a bit (taking a break from Facebook and all!) but I’m starting to feel a bit better. (Thank you to all of you who’ve checked in on me. I’m sorry for running away from home and didn’t mean to worry you.)

But now: back to the swirl! Now that it’s done, I have carefully sealed it in a special un-bendy envelope and will send it off in the post tomorrow morning. The recipient doesn’t know it’s coming, and I don’t know if she’ll like it, but she’s such an amazing supporter that I wanted to share some of my art with her. I don’t know if she reads Just Frances regularly, so she might not even know to check her mailbox!

Oh! Do you “get” the title? Autumn and fall are the same things – but I’ve also experienced a fall this autumn. Too contrived? Maybe …

2 Replies to “Autumn falls”

    1. Thanks! It was a fun one to make, though to be honest I’m not overly thrilled with the big red swirl in the centre. Still, I do like it.

      I have to buy new pencils so that I can create your swirl – I seem to be out of most of my greens! But that’s on the shopping list for this week so I’ll get moving on that.

      (See you Sunday!)

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