It’s a wrap!

Last month I set myself a simple goal of doing some shopping at a charity shop or two. And I failed miserably. In fact, it was such a failure that I didn’t even manage to walk through the door of a shop, let alone spend money there.

But today I kind of made up for that failure when I stopped into a Save the Children shop on the way home from a PhD seminar.

I didn’t really intend on buying anything, but I was drawn to a really nice, full scarf in a bin by a rack of skirts, so I decided I’d splurge on it. (If you can call £3 a splurge!) Then, as I was going to have to use my bank card, I gave a quick look through the skirts.

And that’s when I saw this fantastically funky wrap skirt for £4. Which is a pretty good bargain for a Kariza Design I guess. (I had to Google it; I don’t actually know my designers.)

The skirt is slightly longer than my ideal length but the pattern(s) were too good to pass up. It’s a reversible skirt with three different patterns made of 80% silk and 20% rayon.

If worn with the small floral pattern (my preference) in the front, you’ll get only a hint of the paisley pattern where the wrap crosses over if you wrap one direction or the larger floral pattern if you wrap the other way.

If worn reversed, you get the large floral pattern as the dominant pattern with the small floral pattern showing for the bottom 2-3 inches. Then, depending on the direction you wrap it, you’ll either see the paisley pattern or not.

So you can get a total of four pattern combinations depending on how you wrap the skirt.

I’m very pleased with my purchase (although slightly bummed that I can’t practice my sewing and alteration skills on this one) and can’t wait to wear my pretty new skirt. And since I didn’t manage to spend my £25 charity shop budget last month, I guess I can roll that over to March which means I have another £18 for fun new wardrobe discoveries!

Here’s a look at the three patterns on the skirt. The lighting doesn’t do it justice but at least you’ll get a better idea of what the style options are.

2 Replies to “It’s a wrap!”

  1. You said “paisley” and I got really excited…then I saw the paisley on your new skirt. The flower prints are quite a bit nicer than the paisley pattern. (In my opinion.)

    All in all, though, that’s a really nice looking skirt and I love the colors!

    1. It’s not the best paisley I’ve seen, that’s for sure. But there’s very little of it and will almost always be out of sight. Still, it’s a fabby little skirt and I’m sure I’ll get some enjoyment out of it after I wash it and tidy up the loose threads.

      I’ve realised this is the first wrap skirt I’ve had since I was single-digit ages. So I just have to hope I remember how to wrap and tie the sucker!

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