Swords and smiles

I’m back from a wonderful weekend in Wakefield (and Leeds) and despite feeling a bit knackered from a long train journey, my soul is feeling a bit rejuvenated. (It generally does after spending time with my family!)

Since images are more fun than words sometimes, I’ll just give a quick highlights review then you can see some photos from my weekend.

I travelled to Wakefield on Friday where I had a belated birthday dinner-and-drinks celebration with my sisters-in-law and one of my nieces, which was a lot of fun though I admit I ate way too much food! Then on Saturday, I travelled to Leeds with Jack where we had a blast at the Leeds Royal Armouries. There, we got to play with swords and crossbows – and even managed to learn a thing or two. From there, we went to the Leeds City Museum before heading to the Sky Lounge where we enjoyed fancy cocktails and a panoramic view of the city before heading back to Wakefield.

Once back in Wakefield, it was time for the annual Ryan Family Dinner, which was at a nice little Italian place called Rusticos. Then it was off to Elliot’s Bar for some post-dinner drinks before the long process of hugs and goodbyes as everyone departed. And then again this morning, there were more hugs and goodbyes as I made my way to the train station for my trip back up to Scotland.

Thankfully, I only enjoyed one pint of beer after yesterday’s afternoon cocktail, so my journey home was not sullied by a sore head. (This is rare after a family dinner, so I’ll enjoy the clear head as much as I can!)

So to summarise: What a fantastic weekend I’ve had with my family!

And now, as promised, some photos!

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  1. Leeds has been on my list of places to see, but I think it was because of a castle. That museum and the armoury have given me more to add to the list. Nice view from the lounge, too! I’m so glad that you had a good time at the annual Ryan gathering.

    1. My next Leeds visit will be an owl trail. Apparently the city’s coat of arms has a couple of owls so there are owls all over the place. It’ll be fun to explore and count up the number of owls I can spot in a day’s walking!

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