Morning Joe

I used the last of my coffee up on Monday and haven’t had time to go buy more beans, which means that for the last two mornings I’ve had to get my coffee on the road. This means that I have to drive nine miles into the next town (which is on my way to the office) before I get my morning coffee fix.

Generally, I get up in the morning to a freshly brewed pot of coffee (gotta love programmable coffee makers!) and I enjoy a cup whilst making my breakfast of healthy granola, yoghurt, and berries and chopping fresh veggies for lunch. I then fill up my travel mug, toss my plastic containers and a banana or two into my bag, and hit the road for the 25-mile commute to the office.

It’s weird how the one missing link changes everything. There’s no coffee, so I skip making the food and just hit the road.

The bad: There isn’t any healthy food on my desk to munch on so I end up not eating anything because I’m too busy to run out and grab something or I end up eating junk because I do have time to grab something and it’s going to be deep-fried.

The good: The café where I get the coffee sells amazingly large cookies and for just $2.50 I can get a 12-ounce cup of Joe and one of those lovely cookies. I end up getting to the office about 20 minutes earlier than I normally would and, as no one else is in, I’m able to take advantage of the quiet and actually read the paper whilst enjoying my coffee and a cookie… and maybe a bit of music. Starting the day off relaxing with the paper is sort of fun!*

However, I will be stopping off to get some coffee beans after work today. I mean, I’ve spent $5 on coffee and cookies in two days. That’s $12.50 a week if I make it a habit, and I can certainly think of better ways to spend that money.

(OK, you could argue that I spend money on the granola and coffee for the house so it’s about the same, but with the café plan, I also tend to eat out for lunch, so in the long run, coffee at home is cheaper. And my home-brew is better and stronger. Totally worth it right there!)

* Note: The paper I read in the office is very much work-related, and one that I probably wouldn’t read at all if it wasn’t for that fact. Great paper, but I prefer “world news” to “industry news”.

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  1. I’ve never had the cinnamon rolls, but can certainly vouch for the cookies and the rest of the food. Paul and I stopped in for lunch every few weeks and even managed dinner once – which is pretty good since they’re only open twice a week for dinners!

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