Music to launder money by

There’s an ice cream van that comes around the neighbourhood most evenings around 6:30. When I first heard the magical music, I smiled as I realised that I could grab my money and run down to buy a frozen treat if I wanted. Oh yes, my inner child was oh-so-happy.

Then, one night, the music came on and I mentioned it to Rebecca. And Rebecca then mentioned that ice cream vans are sometimes used as a way to launder money. And hair salons launder money, too, apparently. (And in a quick search, I’ve learned that ice cream vans have been known to sell smuggled cigarettes, too!)

Now when I hear the melodic vehicle I still smile – no longer with naive innocence, but instead with the wryness of knowledge.

But here’s the deal: If it’s true, am I breaking the law by knowing aiding in criminal activity by purchasing a Cornetto? I mean, I don’t want to risk a criminal record over a lousy frozen treat.

8 Replies to “Music to launder money by”

  1. You should never stand in the way of your inner child. Go for it next time you hear the (tainted) chimes

  2. OMG! That looks like the cone I used to get at Winegar’s Dairy in Eburg. Mine would be opposite tho-black licorice on the bottom, peppermint candy on top. In fact, we were having a conversation yeasterday at work about Absinthe, and so the licorice ice cream came up as well. Small world.
    Hope you are doing awesome!!!

  3. What is the story on the photo? Did you take it or get it off the internet? Inquiring minds (at work) want to know.

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